Dehumanisation of people with obesity

New research from the University of Liverpool examined whether people believe those with obesity are less evolved and less human than those without obesity. The study consisted of four online studies with a total of 1,506 participants aged 37 years on average. The BMI of participants was noted to investigate if the dehumanisation of obesity was more common amongst a particular group of individuals.

The main findings from the research are:

  • People with obesity were rated as “less evolved” individuals, on average being placed 10 points below those without obesity on a scale of 0-100 measuring how evolved an individual is.
  • Stigma towards people with obesity was significantly more common among individuals with a low BMI but was also observed among some participants with class I obesity.
  • Those who dehumanised individuals with obesity were more likely to support health policies which discriminate against people who are overweight or obese.

Take a look at resources available from the World Obesity Federation for more information on weight stigma.

Posted: 04/04/2019 16:20:51 by Joanna Gallagher
Filed under: BMI, Obesity, Weight stigma


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