Food and You Report

The Food Standards Agency released the findings from the latest "Food and You" survey (Wave 4). It provides information on the public’s behaviours, attitudes and knowledge regarding food safety and food issues.

The survey is conducted every two years and current data was collected 2016 from 3118 adults aged 16 and over.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Women were more likely than men to report all or most of the responsibility for cooking or preparing food in the home and food shopping.
  • There was a drop in red meat consumption. 18% of those surveyed consumed red meat more than one or twice a week in Wave 4 compared to 26% in Wave 2.
  • 96% of participants ate out. 43% doing so at least once or twice per week.
  • 8% of participants reported being food insecure*.
  • 43% of participants reported changes in buying or eating arrangements in the last 12 months due to financial reasons.
  • Those with a low income were more likely to report changing their buying or eating arrangements due to financial reasons (58% in the lowest quartile versus 40% in the highest quartile).

*“Food security means having access at all times to enough food that is both sufficiently varied and culturally appropriate to sustain an active and healthy life”.


Posted: 07/04/2017 15:27:47 by Anne Parle
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