MenuCal – calorie calculator for businesses

A new online calorie counter (MenuCal) has been developed to help chefs work out the calorie count of dishes so that they can be included on menus. MenuCal has been developed by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and was launched this week by the Minister for Health James Reilly.

It is aimed at helping fast-food outlets, coffee shops and fine-dining restaurants display the nutritional content of meals on menus and will be made available to 22,000 food service businesses free of charge.

MenuCal allows users to create an account, input their recipes, calculate the calories in those dishes and work it out per portion. The ingredient database has been designed to reflect the Irish food supply and eating habits. It will include an initial 2,000 ingredients which users can add to as necessary.

Displaying calories on menus is intended to help consumers make healthier food choices and chose more appropriate portion sizes. Currently displaying calories on menus on the IOI is voluntary.

Posted: 11/04/2014 11:06:34 by Laura Keaver


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