Five healthy habits may increase life expectancy by ten years or more

Research from the United States has reported that following five healthy habits may add more than ten years to your life.

16/05/2018   by Anne Parle  

Obesity screening in schools - beneficial or harmful?

Last week at the Oireachtas Committee on Children and Youth Affairs a call was made for weight screening to take place annually in schools. The reason for this is because research shows parents of overweight children underestimate their children’s weight.

10/05/2018   by Tracey Thompson  

Eating while watching TV linked with overweight and obesity in children

A review paper published in this month’s Obesity Reviews journal reports that eating while watching television may be a risk factor for being overweight or obese in childhood and adolescence.

09/02/2018   by Anne Parle  

Quality of sleep may be linked with childhood obesity

A study in the United States has found that poorer sleep quality was associated with higher body mass index (BMI) in children.

09/02/2018   by Anne Parle  


BMI, Sleep, Weight

Sugary drinks and weight gain

A systematic review paper has provided further evidence that sugary drinks consumption is associated with obesity in children and adults. 

11/01/2018   by Anne Parle  

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