New strategies to halve childhood obesity by 2030

The UK government have announced the second part of their childhood obesity plan which aims to reduce childhood obesity by half by 2030. This follows on from the first part of the childhood obesity: a plan for action published in 2016.

02/07/2018   by Sinead Hurley  

An end to smoothies and fruit juices in school canteens is on the cards as part of a campaign to tac

The Scottish government announced last week a new strategy to lower sugar limits in schools by tackling fruit juices and smoothies in school canteens. This measure may eventually affect yoghurts and some breakfast cereals.

18/06/2018   by Sarah Cassidy  

School-based interventions and childhood obesity

A study published in the British Medical Journal last week has been getting a lot of media attention. The study suggests that the effectiveness of programmes aimed at tackling obesity among 6 and 7 year olds in 54 schools may not have a huge impact in helping to reduce childhood obesity.

13/02/2018   by Sarah Cassidy  

No Fry Zone 4 Kids

The "no fry zones" amendment has been accepted in the Wicklow County Development Plan 2016 – 2022. Councillors voted at a meeting on Monday, with 25 councillors supporting the plan and only 3 rejecting the plan.

10/11/2016   by Anne Parle  

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