Health survey Northern Ireland

This week the Department of Health released data from the Health survey Northern Ireland, with data from 2010/11 to 2017/18 on BMI, diet, sexual health, drinking and smoking habits, physical activity and illness.

22/11/2018   by Joanna Gallagher  

The role of deprivation in abdominal obesity

A study conducted amongst adults living in Hong Kong suggests that deprivation is strongly associated with abdominal obesity.

19/09/2018   by Joanna Gallagher  

Results from the Northern Ireland Health Survey 2016/17

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland have published the results of the Health Survey 2016/17.

24/10/2017   by Sarah Cassidy  

Reducing the price of fruit and vegetables increases intake

The cost of fruit and vegetables can be a large proportion of a weekly household budget. For many people, this prevents their purchase and therefore consumption.

18/09/2017   by Sarah Cassidy  

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