Prevalence of severe obesity among primary school children in 21 European countries

The WHO has published research on the prevalence of severe obesity among primary school children in 21 European countries. The research was collected from member states who took part in the first three Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) studies.

03/05/2019   by Deirdre Brennan  

Association between characteristics at birth, breastfeeding and obesity in 22 countries

The study confirms the beneficial effect of breastfeeding against obesity, which was significantly increased if children had never been breastfed or had been breastfed for less than 6 months.

30/04/2019   by Deirdre Brennan  

Health Inequalities Annual Report 2019 (NI)

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland (NI) have published the Health Inequalities Annual Report 2019. It was found that more than double the number of year 8 children were obese in the most deprived areas compared to the least deprived areas.

02/04/2019   by Joanna Gallagher  

Growing up in Ireland – infant cohort

The Economic and Social Research Institute have published the latest findings from the Growing up in Ireland, national longitudinal study which focused on the five year old infant cohort.

22/02/2019   by Joanna Gallagher  

Report on tackling childhood obesity

The Joint committee on Children and Youth Affairs has released a report on tackling childhood obesity stating 20 recommendations the government should consider.

15/11/2018   by Joanna Gallagher  

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