safefood for life

safefood for life is a comprehensive food safety training resource suitable for anyone working, or intending to work, in the food service industry. It can be followed in its entirety or trainers may select whichever element(s) of the course are appropriate for their needs. Those using the resource will gain an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of food safety in the catering or domestic kitchen.

safefood for life is divided into eight sections, covering introduction to food hygiene; food contamination; food delivery and storage; food preparation, delivery and serving; personal hygiene; design and layout of food premises and pest control; cleaning; HACCP. The course slides are supported by teacher/trainer notes, which give further information and ideas for discussions & exercises, and by the student revision notes. There is also a quick quiz to help you test your knowledge.

safefood for life is an interactive resource, presented in an engaging and user-friendly way and it is freely accessible here.

Topics Covered

Personal hygiene, Food contamination, Food delivery and storage, Food preparation and cooking, Cleaning, Design and layout of food premises and HACCP.

Course Materials