New safefood research reveals gluten-free snack foods are not as healthy as people think

29 January, 2020. 1 in 4 surveyed thought that gluten-free products were lower in fat. 1 in 5 thought gluten-free products were lower in sugar.

Research reveals misperceptions of the health benefits of gluten-free foods

29 January, 2020. safefood research reveals almost 1 in 7 people consider a gluten-free diet a healthy way to lose weight; yet survey reveals 75% of gluten-free snack foods were high in fat and 69% high in sugar

New research from safefood reveals one quarter of us (25%) are cooking Christmas dinner for the first time this year

12 December 2019. safefood launches Christmas food safety campaign to help first timers and seasoned home cooks ensure they win at Christmas dinner this year.

New safefood research reveals protein bars not as healthy as people think

13 November, 2019. 38% of protein bars contain chocolate as main ingredient.

Northern Ireland children are eating 7 times more ‘Treat’ foods on a daily basis than recommended

23 October, 2019. START campaign encourages parents to say “no” to treats.

START campaign says that parents who say no to treats are heroes

22 October, 2019. Social norms, constant availability, price promotions and routine treating makes this a huge challenge for parents.

New survey indicates reduction in sugar content in energy drinks in response to sugar tax but increase in proportion sold in bigger size

07 October, 2019. Average decrease of 2 teaspoons of sugar. Some brands still contain between 14 and 17 teaspoons of sugar

“Rufus the Handwashing Hero” on hand to help children under five learn all about handwashing

10 September, 2019. safefood has turned to a big, friendly, furry monster to launch the latest phase of our Handwashing programme.

New research reveals households on low incomes need to spend up to 1/3 of take home income to afford a healthy food basket

02 July, 2019. New research reveals households on low incomes need to spend up to 1/3 of take home income to afford a healthy food basket.

START campaign encourages parents to give their kids healthier after-school and evening snacks

21 May, 2019. Almost a quarter of Northern Irish children’s daily diet consists of “Junk” foods such as crisps, biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate, new safefood research has revealed.

New research reveals foods high in fat, salt and sugar are the second-most consumed food group by children

14 May, 2019. START campaign encourages parents to start tackling treats by swapping them for healthier after-school and evening snacks.

New funding awarded to Community Food Initiatives

22 March, 2019. safefood to fund 14 initiatives to improve health through food in communities across the island of Ireland.

safefood at Health Fest

30 January, 2019. Organised by the National Dairy Council and safefood, the event will be attended by thousands of TY and fifth year school students and teachers from all around the country.

New safefood research reveals more than a third of food and drinks on special offer in supermarkets are high in fat, sugar and salt

21 January, 2019. safefood, sponsors of Operation Transformation, launches “Transform Your Trolley” campaign to help shoppers make healthier choices amidst constant promotions.

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