Invitation to tender: Community Food Initiative Funding Programme Management

27 August, 2018. The closing date for receipt of tenders is 4pm 21 September, 2018 and should be processed through eTenders.

Invitation to comment on safefood’s Customer Service Charter

30 July, 2018. We would like to engage in consultation with various stakeholders on aspects of our policy making and would like to seek views with regards to our Customer Service Charter.

Advice for consumers on how to cook food safely during barbeque season, especially during this spell of hot weather

05 July, 2018. safefood would like to remind you about the four simple steps that can help prevent food poisoning during barbecue season.

Northern Ireland families spending more on "treat" foods than fruit and vegetables

24 April, 2018. START campaign encourages Northern Ireland parents to rebalance what they spend on fruit and vegetables compared to ‘‘treats’’.

Let’s beat the trend and encourage a higher spend on fruit and veg rather than treats for our kids

12 April, 2018. START campaign is encouraging parents to "make a start" at making one daily win on healthy eating for their children.

New survey finds teenage girls in Ireland have adequate amounts of iodine in their bodies

26 March, 2018The report also found that higher intakes of dairy products were associated with better iodine status.

safefood welcome new Code of Practice on non-broadcast advertising of High Fat Sugar Salt Foods

14 February, 2018. safefood welcomes the new Code of Practice on non-broadcast advertising of High Fat Sugar Salt Foods (HFSS) such as snack foods and confectionary.

safefood welcome move by Aldi and other retailers to ban sale of energy drinks to under 16s

24 January, 2018. safefood research found massive increase in number of product on sale. Some brands contain up to 17 teaspoons of sugar.

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