Invitation to tender for research projects

14 December, 2012. safefood is responsible for promoting food safety and healthy eating on the island of Ireland. To support our knowledge base, we would like to invite applications for specific research projects in the following subject areas:

Project Ref No. 01-2013
“Iodine Status: Is there a public health issue on the island of Ireland?”

Project Ref No. 02-2013
“Nutrition Takeout Series”

Project Ref No. 03-2013
“A study of Domestic fridges on the island of Ireland – temperature control, design and consumer practices”

Project Ref No. 04-2013
“Protecting consumer choice: assuring the provenance of artisan foods on the island of Ireland”

Project Ref No. 05-2013
“Nanotechnology in the agrifood industry on the island of Ireland: applications, opportunities and challenges”

Project Ref No. 06-2013
“The impact of climate change on food safety: an island of Ireland perspective”

Project Ref No. 07-2013
“A risk register for the Pig meat and Poultry meat sectors on the island of Ireland”

Project Ref No. 08-2013
“Assessment of antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli in meat production systems on the island of Ireland”

Project Ref No. 09-2013
“Analytical capacity for Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli on the island of Ireland”


(DOCs of various file sizes)

The closing date for receipt of tenders is 4pm Friday 25th January 2013.
safefood is committed to promoting equality of opportunity.