Local Politicians 'Stop the Spread'

15 November, 2011. MLAs tackle Northern Ireland's weighty issue by shedding almost 8 stone during safefood’s 8-week programme.

New safefood campaign calls on consumers to make a clean break in the kitchen

07 November, 2011. safefood launches new awareness campaign to highlight how germs that cause food poisoning can easily spread in the kitchen 

New research reveals influence of social and emotional pressures on food choices living on a low income

02 November, 2011. New research on food poverty reveals food choices for low income households are influenced not only budget but emotions and social pressures too.

A first for food safety knowledge exchange

11 October, 2011. Eight new knowledge networks will enhance food safety links across the island.

New interactive resource feeds children’s curiosity

22 June, 2011. safefood and the Public Health Agency (PHA) has officially launched Eat, Taste and Grow, a new interactive curriculum-based education resource to help increase awareness among primary school children of the origins of their food, local produce and the role this plays in healthy eating.

Operation Transformation is back

27 September, 2011. Operation Transformation is back for a 5th series and the search has begun for 5 leaders to lead the nation by following the Operation Transformation health and fitness plan.

Politicians join forces to ‘Stop the Spread’

20 September, 2011. A cross-party group of MLAs have signed up to an eight-week programme to lose some weight and improve their lifestyles.

safefood advice for consumers in relation to E. coli

30 September, 2011. safefood would like to remind consumers to follow proper hygiene practises when handling and preparing food to protect themselves from E. coli.

safefood advice for consumers in relation to E. coli outbreak in Germany

7 August, 2011. safefood would like to reassure consumers that that there have been no reported cases of human illness on the island of Ireland associated with the German outbreak strain of E. coli (VTEC).

safefood launches Stop the Spread campaign to tackle overweight and obesity epidemic

10 May, 2011. safefood issued a wake up call aimed at tackling the serious health epidemic of overweight and obesity.

safefood urges public engagement in Children's Advertising Code process

30 August, 2011. safefood has welcomed the publication of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s (BAI) report "Health and Nutrition of Children Living in Ireland".

safefood would like to reassure consumers that milk is safe to drink.

06 April, 2011. safefood would like to reassure consumers that milk is safe to drink.

New safefood research reveals high levels of salt in soup

21 March, 2011. safefood research has found that 74% of soups served in cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and pubs contained more than a third of consumers’ maximum daily salt intake.

New survey has positive news for Coeliacs

24 January, 2011. The vast majority of restaurants on the island of Ireland (94%) are able to accommodate a diner’s request for a gluten-free meal, according to new research commissioned by safefood.