Response to European Food Safety Authority

12 February, 2009. In response to European Food Safety Authority opinion on two ingredients commonly used in some energy drinks released on Thursday 12th February 2009, safefood wishes to make the following statement:

safefood welcomes the findings of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report which concludes the consumption of taurine and d-glucuronolactone in so-called “energy drinks”, even for high level consumers, poses no health concern.

The EFSA report has contributed towards addressing the recommendations made by safefood in their report “A Review of the Health Effects of Stimulant Drinks”, namely the determination of a safety margin for these two specific ingredients and the potential for certain interactions between the ingredients themselves when consumed with other substances such as alcohol. The terms of reference of the EFSA assessment were specific to those two ingredients and therefore did not cover the safety of “energy drinks” themselves or the consumption of these drinks with alcohol, drugs or when used with exercise.

safefood wishes to reiterate its advice to consumers that stimulant drinks are not suitable for rehydration purposes following sport, that caution should be exercised in the consumption of stimulant drinks with alcohol, and that marketing of these products should be undertaken without ambiguity or association with sport or alcohol.



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