Community Food Initiatives Funding

Healthy Food for All and safefood are establishing a demonstration programme on Community Food Initiatives and are looking for funding applications from eligible groups and organisations.

The purpose of this funding is to establish a Demonstration Programme of Community Food Initiatives (CFIs) on the island of Ireland. CFIs are projects that improve the availability and accessibility of healthy food for low-income groups at a local level, using a community development approach.

Closing date for applications is Thursday 23rd April 2009 at 5.00pm.

Who can apply for funding?

This funding is open to community groups or groups which have an anti-poverty focus in their work. We would especially welcome applications from partnerships/collaborations of different groups. As the programme has an all-island focus, a minimum of two projects will be selected from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Applications will NOT be accepted from profit-making or trading companies, individuals, local authorities or statutory bodies. However, collaboration with such groups during the course of the project is welcomed.

What activities can be funded?

The programme will be targeted towards Community Food Initiatives, which include: 

  • Buying equipment for a kitchen, e.g. pots and pans, or a garden, e.g. gardening tools/seeds
  • Renting space to carry out training and education initiatives
  • Establishing and supporting food access initiatives such as community cafés and local food co-ops
  • Education and/or training in skills development programmes e.g. cooking, shopping, parenting and budgeting
  • Seed funding to establish a food market with support from local authority and other partners 
  • Buying the time of a professional on a part-time basis, e.g. part-time nutrition expert to work with groups and give classes advising on food purchasing, preparation and safe cooking practices and/or horticulturist to work with groups on community garden projects
  • Supporting groups to develop food related micro businesses e.g. fruit tuck shops in school/food co-ops
  • Community Supported Agriculture projects which help develop sustainable local food economies through supporting local networks.

What activities cannot be funded?

Please note that the scheme cannot fund work outside of the purpose of the Initiative and that we cannot fund:

  • Salary costs for core staff
  • Profit making or trading companies, individuals, local authorities or statutory bodies 
  • Work that has already happened
  • Capital costs
  • A group’s ongoing project or running costs.

What funding is available?

Between five and seven CFIs will be funded over a three year period. Each CFI will receive annual funding over a period of three years to set up, manage and sustain a project.

Funding will be up to a maximum of €75,000/£70,000, which will be provided on an incremental basis over the three year period.

Application forms and supporting information can be downloaded from

For further information or advice on applications contact

Dr Joanna Wydenbach, Healthy Food for All
Tel. +353 (0)86 770 8541/+353 (0)1 836 0011