New safefood research reveals that nearly half of people think they are a bit fat - NI release

11 May, 2008. A new online resource which helps people to lose weight in a healthy way, developed by safefood,, has been launched after new research conducted by safefood revealed that 48% of people think they are overweight and 60% of people have attempted to lose weight in the past year (1).

“Research shows that people want to achieve a healthy weight, but quick-fix fad diets are well recognised as ineffective, and we know many people ‘yo-yo’ diet and end up regaining the weight they lost or even become heavier (2). Small, gradual changes to eating habits and activity levels are the most realistic and achievable way to lose weight”, commented Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, Director, Human Health and Nutrition, safefood. “The Weigh2Live website provides independent practical advice and simple changes to incorporate into your lifestyle, so that achieving a healthier weight doesn’t need to upset your normal routine,” Dr Foley-Nolan continued.

According to the North South Ireland Food Consumption Survey, 39% of adults are overweight and 18% of adults are obese on the island of Ireland (3). 67% of people surveyed by safefood have tried to lose weight to feel better about themselves, 62% wanted to improve their figure and 48% wanted to have more energy. The main reasons cited by those surveyed by safefood who did not succeed in losing weight were a lapse in their diet over a holiday period such as Christmas or summer holiday (21%), becoming bored or not seeing any results (18%) and not having time to cook healthy food or to exercise (17%)(2).

The website is built on a philosophy of appreciating the busy and varied life that we now live; it has help on shopping for food, eating out and celebrations and is generally grounded in real life. Marian Faughnan, Nutritionist with safefood said, “Weight loss is achievable in moderate and gradual steps. It is important to remember that you didn’t put the weight on overnight and therefore you can’t expect to lose it overnight. The foods you choose, how you cook them and your portion sizes are vitally important in helping you achieve your desired weight loss. The Weigh2live resource allows people to continue enjoying eating occasions by making sensible changes to the way they enjoy food.  People slip up from time to time, so we provide tips for people who have lapsed so that they can continue towards their weight loss goal.”    

The Weigh2Live website has been developed by experts across public health and nutrition to provide people with practical tips and advice to lose weight. The website includes a food diary, interactive BMI calculator and waist circumference assessment as well as tips and advice on healthy eating, eating out, food shopping, understanding food portions, and healthy recipes.

For more information visit the Weigh2Live website, or call the safefood helpline on 0800 085 1683.


For further information / media interviews please contact

Kathy Doyle / Susie Rea, Smarts PR
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