safefood ad campaign designed to encourage greater intake of ‘Superfoods’

6 November, 2006. safefood will launch a new advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of the benefits of eating everyday foods. The ‘Superfoods’ campaign which focuses on encouraging people to eat leaner meat, and increase their intake of fruit, vegetables and whole grains will include outdoor and radio ads across the island of Ireland. 

The safefood ‘Superfoods’ radio campaign comprises innovative 60 second ads using quirky voiceovers creating personalities for a banana, lean meat, pea and wholegrain bread. The characters’ personalities are at odds with their appearance and explain in a humorous and engaging way, the benefits of including ‘Superfoods’ in a daily diet. The outdoor campaign on shopperlites, trolleys and bus backs uses eye-catching text visually punctuated with varieties of ‘Superfoods’ to encourage people to eat more of them every day.
Martin Higgins, Chief Executive, safefood said, “We believe that our unique ‘Superfood’ characters will grab people’s attention and encourage them to rethink what they consider to be normal everyday foods. ‘Superfoods’ are regular foods with special nutritional properties, which often get overlooked and we hope this campaign will help people make the right food choices for a healthier lifestyle.”

Sharon Fitzpatrick, Director, Ogilvy & Mather said, “By giving the ‘Superfoods’ super personalities, we are allowing them to come alive, so that these important nutritional messages will resonate all the more with the consumer. The radio campaign will be supported by an outdoor campaign, which is both visually appealing and informative".

Martin Higgins adds, “Consumers are familiar with new “functional foods” which are marketed to have a specific health benefit. This campaign aims to remind consumers that in reality, most normal everyday foods can be called ‘Superfoods’. They are not as “ordinary” as we think and can be just as beneficial”.

This is the second major healthy eating campaign from safefood this year. The first concentrated on reducing the consumption of treat foods by children, which is currently twice as high as recommended for good health. The ‘Superfoods’ campaign encourages both adults and children to include more fruit and vegetables in their diet every day, to choose wholemeal/wholegrain over more highly-processed carbohydrates and to consume leaner cuts of meat instead of processed varieties.


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