The politicians' group

At the end of last year ten of the Operation Transformation politicians tried safefood's Weigh2Live programme in an attempt to continue to shed some weight and improve their lifestyles.

Here's how they got on ... 

Excess body weight and obesity is a significant public health issue in Ireland today. Politicians, as well as the public, need to be aware of the dangers associated with being overweight. Losing weight should be a long-term goal and not just about fad diets. By coming together as a group and with one another’s support, even across party lines, we can work with Weigh2Live towards a common aim - to lose weight and become more aware of our diet and exercise. As politicians we have a role in promoting public health in Ireland, including addressing the issue of overweight and this starts at our own table.”
Senator David Norris


Working long hours, the stress of balancing a job with finding time to fit in exercise and eating at irregular times are all issues facing many people right across society today. It’s wonderful to see this group of well-known faces in Irish politics agreeing to participate in Weigh2Live. Not only will this group hopefully lose weight and become healthier, they are sending out the message to people across the island that reaching a healthy weight is extremely important and achievable."
Martin Higgins, Chief Executive, safefood.


With over 60% of the Irish population overweight or obese, many people battle with weight loss and being overweight can increase the risk of common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain cancers, in addition to psychological issues.”

Developed by experts at safefood and the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (INDI), Weigh2live provides free, independent advice on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

The website includes information on healthy eating, physical activity and staying motivated. It also provides practical tools for planning and tracking your progress such as a BMI calculator and food and physical activity diaries.