Sweet tips for a healthy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and treating someone special in your life. And along with a bunch of flowers and a card, the box of chocolates is almost a staple gift for Valentine’s Day. But you don’t need to be a genius to know that chocolate can add to our waistline.

Is one type of chocolate lower in calories than another?

white & milk chocolate heartsUnfortunately not – no matter what kind of chocolate you choose, they all contain relatively high amounts of calories, sugar and fat. Check out our table below to see the differences between eating a snack size piece of chocolate versus a standard bar.
Portion size Calories
fat (g)
fat (g) 
Milk chocolate standard 255 28 15 9
Snack size 104 11 6 4
White chocolate standard 259 29 15 9
snack size 106 12 6 4
Dark chocolate Standard 250 31 14 8
Snack size 102 13 6 3
*standard bar = 49g         snack size = 20g

How do I keep portion sizes down? chocolate mixture

There’s no such thing as a bad food but too much of any one food won’t make your heart happy. Enjoy your food, but try to watch your portion sizes. Savour small tastes instead of having it all and then put it out of sight. You could try
  • Snack size: if you really want to buy chocolate, keep it small
  • Add some fruit: strawberries, grapes or banana are all great dipped in a little melted chocolate
  • Share the love: share your chocolate among friends so you can all try an alternative to chocolate

Any alternatives to chocolate?

If you and your loved one are trying to lose or maintain weight, chocolate will not be the best gift to give this Valentine’s. Why not try:
  • a delicious fruit basket, full of natural sweet flavours
  • a romantic book or DVD to enjoy together
  • or why not cook your Valentine a romantic, healthy meal - if its lower in salt it will also keep your hearts healthy.

Get active

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about dining out and feeling full. Try something different this year – showing your moves on the dancefloor is a great way to burn off some calories. Or go for a romantic walk together; you can check out getirelandactive and getalifegetactive websites for some great walks in your area and get your heart pumping!