101+ Square Meals (Audio)

101+ Square Meals was first published in 1998 and was the initiative of Limerick Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) with contributions from the HSE (Community Dieticians), Limerick VEC and safefood. The book was constructed in the context of the Irish Healthy Eating Guidelines with nutrition and budget as the two main considerations. The recipes are easy to prepare, low-budget and highly nutritious. The hope is that, by using this book, the reader will develop a more balanced diet which will include a reduction in their dietary fat intake as well as a reduction in their food bills.


  1. Introduction (MP3, 22MB)
  2. Breakfasts (MP3, 6.4MB)
  3. Sauces and Soups (MP3, 7.9MB)
  4. Mince Dishes (MP3, 15.3MB)
  5. Beef, Lamb and Pork (MP3, 19.3MB)
  6. Fish (MP3, 18.1MB)
  7. Chicken (MP3, 22MB)
  8. Vegetarian (MP3, 21MB)
  9. Cakes 1 (MP3, 22MB), Cakes 2 (MP3, 22MB)
  10. Light Meals (MP3, 27MB)
  11. Weaning (MP3, 11.1MB)
  12. Young People (MP3, 24MB)
  13. Cooking for One (MP3, 18MB)
  14. Notes (MP3, 400KB)