Speak out about poor food hygiene

The Speak Out campaign, created by safefood, encourages customers to speak out about any food hygiene concerns they may encounter.

What should I expect when eating out?

Premises and facilities

  • Clean and well maintained toilets with wash hand basins supplying both hot and cold water and means for drying your hands
  • All staff should have clean hands and wear protective clothing where necessary


  • All food should be properly cooked (i.e., no pink meat in minced meat, chicken or pork)
  • All hot food should be served piping hot the whole way through
  • All cold food should be chilled (i.e., cooler than room temperature)

Furniture and utensils

  • All cutlery and tables should be clean and free from damage
  • Tongs and spoons on self-service counters should be clean and provided separately for each product

Customer service

  • A prompt response to any concerns that you may have

You should never be afraid to voice your concerns; otherwise you risk having the same problems in future or restricting your eating options by refusing to go back.

Need help with speaking out?

Here are some tips to help you get satisfaction. It is good to speak out, whether you’ve bought a bad product, had a bad experience, noticed unclean or unhygienic practices or even if you just want to see some improvements. You’re unlikely to get satisfaction unless you offer feedback and speak out.

First things first

Voice your concerns to the person dealing with you immediately.

Keep your cool

It’s always better to remain calm and composed when explaining your concern.

Give them a chance

Good organisations care passionately about their customers’ concerns and always want to resolve the issue. Don’t be afraid to go to the top of the organisation. But only after you have tried and exhausted the proper channels. Nowadays senior management should be quite easy to reach. Be sure to get names, job titles and telephone numbers.


  • Make a telephone call
  • Send a letter
  • Send an email