Top tips

  • Go for salads, hot, clear soups, stir-fries with loads of veggies
  • Dressings aren’t as rich or creamy as often seen in Western cookery but should still be served on the side
  • Steer clear of sticky, sweet desserts.  Instead, try a refreshing tea for afters
  • Peanut, satay and coconut sauces are all very rich
  • Some of the starters are usually deep-fried – don’t be afraid to ask your waiter for some healthier options

lime and lemongrassHealthy choices


  • Spicy chicken (larb gai) or spicy mushrooms (larb hed)
  • Salads with cucumber (yum tang kwa), beans and bean sprouts (yum wun sen), cabbage, prawns and thin strips of meat and poultry
  • Hot, clear soups with chicken (tom yam gai) or prawns (tom yum gung)

Main courses

  • Quick cooking and healthy ingredients makes stir-fries very healthy – try  chicken (gai), prawns (gung) or beef (neur)

Rice and noodles

  • Steamed or rapidly stir-fried noodle dishes with lots of veg, white meat or fish, and aromatics
  • Steamed rice


  • Finish with a refreshing tea

Where to go easy…

  • Deep-fried starters like egg rolls (po pia tod), spring rolls (paw pia sod) or fried tofu (tao hu tod)
  • Soups based on coconut milk, like chicken coconut soup (kai tom kha); soups with deep-fried wontons (keow nam)
  • Dishes based on peanut sauce (satay)
  • Deep-fried egg noodles (mee krob)
  • Thai curries, like Thai green curry (gaeng khiad wan), which are often based on coconut or peanuts
  • Sticky, coconut-based rice desserts