Top tips

  • Watch your bread! Ask for sandwiches to be made on two slices of bread from a regular sliced pan (deli slices of bread can be twice as thick as regular slices). Go for wholegrain bread whenever you can. Rolls and baguettes can be very heavy - wraps are a lighter option
  • Go for ‘low-fat’, ‘low-calorie’ or ‘healthy option’ sandwiches where you can
  • Many sandwiches, rolls and salads contain hidden ingredients. Check the label for the calorie, fat and salt contents so that you’re not misled
  • The ultimate healthy sandwich is made from wholegrain bread, lean meat, poultry or fish, plenty of salad vegetables and a tablespoon of low-fat dressing
  • If you put spread or mayonnaise onto your bread slices, then try not to have any more mayonnaise or dressing in the sandwich filling
  • Have some fruit or a low-fat yoghurt after your sandwich for a really tasty lunch

Healthy choices


  • Chicken or turkey breast without skinchess tomato and cucumber roll
  • Roast beef or lean ham
  • Tuna, prawn, salmon or crab meat without mayonnaise
  • Egg, Quorn slices, couscous or tofu wraps
  • Low-fat cheese or cottage cheese
  • Low-fat dressing, low-fat spread, low-fat mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup
  • Extra salad for fibre and bulk
  • Wholegrain bread, granary bread, pita bread or tortilla wraps


  • Tomato-based salad
  • Low-fat coleslaw
  • Low-fat hummus, salsa or yoghurt dips with freshly cut vegetables
  • Pasta, rice or noodles with salad
  • Sushi

Extras, treats & snacks:

  • Broth type soups
  • Low-fat yoghurt or fromage frais
  • Probiotic drinks or yoghurts
  • Fruit, fruit salad
  • Low-calorie cereal bars
  • Rice cakes
  • Low-fat rice pudding or custard
  • Yoghurt-based smoothies*
  • Flavoured water or diet drinks*
  • Unsweetened fruit juice*
  • Low-fat lattes or cappuccinos

*Best consumed at mealtimes to protect your teeth

Where to go easy…


  • Bacon, sausage, cheese, coleslaw or a mixture of these
  • Processed meats such as salami, pepperoni or corned beef
  • Any meat with skin or visible fat
  • Mayonnaise, oil-based dressings, butter or full-fat margarine
  • Large rolls, white bread, cheese baguettes or oily breads like focaccia
  • Crumpets, croissants, muffins or stuffed breads


  • Potato salad or coleslaw
  • Cheese
  • Croutons

Extras, treats & snacks

  • Chocolate bars (if you must, go for treat-sized bars or share!)
  • Cream or ice-cream desserts
  • Cakes, buns or tarts
  • Full-fat custard or puddings
  • Sweets, toffees, crisps
  • Muffins, Danishes, biscuits
  • Fizzy drinks, milkshakes, cream-based coffees