Top tips

  • Don't be afraid to ask what a Japanese name means and how food is cooked
  • Ask if your food can be grilled instead of fried
  • Enjoy the variety of fresh and raw fish, especially oily fish such as tuna and salmon which are rich in beneficial fatty acids
  • Go for dishes that are grilled (yakimono), steamed (mushi) or stewed (nabe) and avoid the many deep-fried options
  • Go for soft ramen noodles instead of teppan-fried or yaki soba noodles

sushi piecesHealthy choices

Starters and side orders

  • Sashimi, sushi, norimaki and temaki
  • Grilled dumplings (gyoza)
  • Steamed soya beans (edamame)
  • Miso soup and sui
  • Japanese-style sticky rice

Main courses

  • Teriyaki and yakitori dishes
  • Yosenabe (seafood stew)
  • Sukiyaki (beef)
  • Shabu-shabu (thin sliced beef with mushrooms and other vegetables)
  • Buta shoga-yaki (thin sliced ginger pork)
  • Ramen noodles
  • Rice and vegetable dishes such as cha han

Where to go easy…

  • Tempura (battered and deep-fried vegetables or shellfish)
  • Fried dumplings
  • Deep-fried fish, noodles (yaki soba), meat or tofu