Top tips

  • Go for lean cuts of meat instead of burgers and sausages. Choose chicken, turkey, fish, beef or pork in place of fatty meats
  • Cut off any fat you can see on the meat before cooking. Keep food a good distance from the coals to allow fat to melt and drip away
  • Try barbequed sliced vegetables or skewered vegetable kebabs
  • kebabsBarbeque oily fish like mackerel, tuna or salmon instead of red meat
  • Baste food with low-fat, low-salt tasty marinades instead of oil. The food will be full of flavour without any added fat or salt.
  • Put everything you are going to eat on one plate - then walk away from the food! Don’t be tempted to linger at the barbeque and graze. For crispy-skinned, moist potatoes - microwave the potatoes for a few minutes, then wrap in tin foil and place on the edge of the coals

Healthy choices

  • Chicken or turkey without skin
  • Oily and white fish
  • Lean red meat such as pork or steak (fat cut off)
  • Barbequed vegetables, kebabs made from cherry tomatoes, courgette chunks, onions, aubergine, peppers and mushrooms
  • Fresh salads with low-fat salad dressings
  • Vegetable sticks with hummus or yoghurt based dips

Foods to avoid

  • Too much fatty red meat, burgers or sausages
  • Mayonnaise-rich salads, full-fat salad dressings
  • Buttery garlic bread
  • Chips, mayonnaise-based dips