Weekly meal planner

To help you get the best of nutrition with the minimum of fuss, we have come up with some meal suggestions for each day of the week! Choose from an adventurous or a traditional recipe each day. We’ve included a few tips with each recipe to help you get the most from your meals.


  Traditional Adventurous
Monday Traditional beef stew
with potatoes and vegetables (carrots, onions, turnips, celery)
Beef goulash 
with yoghurt and rice
Tuesday Plain omelette 
with baked beans
with peas, onions, cherry tomatoes and nutmeg
Wednesday Chicken casserole 
with brown rice
Thai green curry 
with chicken and brown rice
Thursday Shepherds pie
with peas and carrots
with kidney beans and rice
Friday Grilled darne of salmon 
with squeezed lemon juice, baby potatoes and broccoli
Teriyaki salmon 
with wholegrain rice and stir-fried vegetables
Saturday Grilled pork chops with apple sauce, potatoes, green beans and another veg Stir fried pork steak with pesto, stir fried vegetables and noodles


Sunday Traditional Roast Chicken
with potatoes and roast carrots and parsnip
Baked garlic and lime chicken breasts
with vegetables and baked baby potatoes

To help get you started, we’ve put together a shopping list so you can buy what you need for the week.