Smoothies are a delicious way to get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. Many people believe that smoothies contribute to more than one portion of fruit and vegetables a day.

Banana smoothie

Banana and oat smoothie recipe

This is not true - smoothies count as just one portion of fruit and vegetables a day, regardless of how many you drink. Another finding was that many people do not know that smoothies may contain ingredients such as sweetened fruit juice, concentrate, fruit syrups, added sugars and preservatives. It's recommended that you drink no more than 150ml of smoothies or fruit juices a day, which is the equivalent to a small glass.

It’s also recommended that you eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and it’s best to choose a variety of different types to get the most nutritional benefit. Smoothies made with milk or yoghurt can also boost your calcium and dairy intake. Here are some important tips for smoothie lovers! 

When buying a smoothie - off the shelf

Read the label and choose those:

  • made with fresh, frozen or tinned (in its own juice) fruit
  • that contain no added sugar, syrup or honey
  • that are lower in calories as some smoothies contain a lot of calories

When buying a smoothie - made to order

  • Only use smoothie bars that use whole fruit
  • Ask for no added sugar, honey or syrup in your smoothie

When drinking a smoothie – for dental health

  • Avoid drinking smoothies between meals - they are high in naturally-occurring sugar which can damage teeth
  • It is best to drink smoothies through a straw. This reduces the amount of sugar coming in contact with teeth

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