Healthy half-time snacks

Unable to attend the major sports events in person, many fans spend their time in front of the TV. But just what are the healthy snack options you can enjoy?

girl watching TV with popcornThe temptation is to buy in the large sharing packs of crisps and tortilla chips to get you through TV sports. Small amounts of crisps are OK every now and again, but once you’re engrossed in a sport, it’s easy to just keep on munching.

Healthy snack options include popcorn, made without added fat if possible, or simply toast some tortilla wraps so that they are crispy, cut into small triangles and serve with salsa, hummus or a yoghurt-based dip. Carrot or celery sticks are also healthy alternatives for dipping.

Try snacking on small amounts of nuts and seeds which provide protein and healthy unsaturated fats but just watch the quantities because nuts are also high in calories. Try to choose nuts that have no salt or oil added.

Snacks are a good way to try to give your calcium intake a quick boost and reach your daily target of three portions of dairy each day. Try a couple of wholegrain crackers with some strong cheese. Just go easy on portions sizes, since cheese is high in fat as well as calcium.

To soothe your voice at half time, try a yoghurt-based smoothie which will have you ready to shout at the TV for the second half (or extra time!)

When planning your TV viewing, the last thing on your mind is five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. So make sure you have some vegetables in the house for a quick and tasty stir fry before you get stuck in for the evening. Fruit also makes a great instant snack so keep a bowl nearby while watching the game.