Exam survival guide

Good food and drink doesn’t just keep you going for sport, it’s also important for improving your alertness and sustaining you through long study and exam hours. Choosing the wrong foods can you make you sluggish or jittery making it harder to concentrate and do well.

We’ve put together some simple tips to make sure you’re exam ready!

exam survival guide coverSnack smartly

Healthy snacks are the smart way to build up energy that lasts for hours!

  • Choose snacks such as fresh fruit, yoghurt, nuts or popcorn to keep you going
  • For long exams bring a healthy snack with you
  • Cakes, biscuits and chocolate will leave you feeling tired once the initial high wears off

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough and regularly makes it easier to perform to your best.

  • Aim to drink 1.5l–2l of fluid per day and take a bottle of water into the exam
  • Keep herbal teas or water with you when studying
  • Avoid drinks with caffeine such as tea, coffee, fizzy and stimulant drinks. They can interfere with your sleep, affect your ability to concentrate and may leave you feeling anxious or jittery

Get a good night's sleep

You need your sleep to be wide awake for studying and exams.

  • Aim for nine hours sleep and maintain your sleep pattern so you wake up feeling refreshed and alert
  • Allow some quiet time before going to bed when you avoid intense study, screens such as phones and tablets, and computer games
  • If you are tired, it can be difficult to recall the information you have worked so hard to learn so avoid all-nighters and getting up too early

sample menu plan for examsBe active and take breaks

Taking a break is just as important as studying.

  • Don’t study for hours without a break
  • Frequent short breaks will relieve stress, clear your mind and lift your mood
  • Break up your study with short bursts of exercise. Try jogging, swimming, cycling or even just walk to your local shop
  • Exercise increases the rate of blood flow around the body and to the brain, helping you to think clearly and learn more