Healthy options and portion sizes

a woman having breakfast at christmas

A healthy diet and lifestyle can really take a hammering over Christmas. No one wants to spoil the fun, but it’s worth arming yourself with a few facts on how to beat the bulge.

Experts estimate that most people gain one pound (0.5 kg) over the Christmas period. That’s around 3,500 extra calories in a couple of weeks! Portion sizes are still important at Christmas so try to eat the same amounts as you would normally.

Try making small changes to reduce what you normally eat over Christmas, and getting active during your free time.

Healthy tips

  • Trim the skin from turkey or the fat from ham.
  • Instead of sausage stuffing try a breadcrumb stuffing made with breadcrumbs, chopped garlic, nuts, seeds and seasonal fruit like berries and raisins.
  • Make roast potatoes with a little vegetable oil as a healthy alternative to butter.
  • Make mashed potatoes with low fat milk or a splash of olive oil instead of butter.
  • Steaming vegetables instead of boiling them -  this also gives them a wonderful taste and texture!
  • Try honey or a dash of lemon juice with carrots instead of butter.

christmas tree decorations in a row

The savings

  • Eat one mince pie instead of two – save 185 calories
  • Skip the Christmas pudding and cream after dinner– save 329 calories
  • Always have a glass of water when you are drinking alcohol – cutting down by one glass of wine (125 ml) will save you around 100 calories.
  • Have mashed potato and skip the roasties – save 379 calories for three medium roast potatoes
  • Have a small portion of turkey instead of a large one – save 120 calories
  • Have a small portion of ham instead of a large one – save 170 calories
  • Eat two chocolates instead of four – save around 90 calories
  • Don’t munch on bowls of crisps and nuts at parties, just take a few and then move away. 30 grams of crisps contains around 150 calories and a handful of nuts gives you 256 calories.
  • Staying active over Christmas also has huge benefits for your body and mind. Get outside, clear your head and walk your way to a healthier Christmas.