Get the folic habit

Taking folic acid tablets at least 3 months before you become pregnant and for the first 3 months of your pregnancy can help your baby’s spine and brain develop properly. A recent safefood survey showed that 92% of women, who could become pregnant, know this already. Fab!

But, why do only one in four women take folic acid tablets before becoming pregnant? Well, for one, we forget. We’re busy women, it’s easily done. So, here are some steps to make getting into the folic habit easier. 

setting an alarm on a phone

By making it a habit, something you do automatically, without needing to think about it. Here’s how:

  • Write a pro/con list – A folic acid supplement only costs a few pennies or cents a day and takes a few seconds to take but it could help to protect your future baby’s brain and spine.
  • Get the facts – Get all the info on why it’s beneficial to take it, how much you need to take and when. It’s easier to commit to something when you’re making an informed decision.
  • Commit to a new routine – Tell yourself you are going to do this every day and then stick to it! Once you make your mind up, nothing can stop you.
  • Take it at the same time every day – Use prompts and cues to help you remember. You can set an alarm on your phone, use an app or a pill dispenser.
  • Keep it close – Keep your folic acid tablets handy, maybe near your toothbrush or beside something else you use daily. Or you could pop it in your handbag.
  • Talk about it – Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends about taking folic acid tablets. It doesn’t mean that you are planning for a baby. It just means that when you do have a baby sometime in the future, you are already doing all you can to ensure they develop healthily. If all your friends are taking and talking about it, it’ll soon become the norm.

It will take a few weeks before the behaviour becomes automatic. If you forget, don’t give up, just start again. You’ve got this!