Meet Stella

Hi Girls! Stella here.

Ever wondered what my morning routine is, what gems I got in my latest shopping haul, or what’s in my handbag? Of course you have! Well, stay tuned for the inside scoop, plus a few extra tips of course.

Seeing as so many of you are asking, I thought I would put this front and centre! What’s my everyday essential? Folic acid! Now I know what you’re thinking. Oh my God, alert the presses! Stella is preggers! Sorry to starve you of some juicy goss girls, but I’m not trying for a baby.

The thing is, half of all pregnancies are unplanned, that’s one in two. Me being me, I’m bound to be the one! So, if I was to have a surprise baby, taking a folic acid tablet daily now could help protect its brain and spine in the future. Simple as!

I hope you enjoy my videos. Be sure to get the folic facts here.

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She doesn't have everything sussed, but she does take her folic acid tablets every day.

Stella returns home after a day shopping. Yoga pants? Get out of here!

"It's a question I need answered myself!"