Calorie swaps


swap a muffin for a scone

swap a full fry for scrambled egg etc

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Breakfast roll (demi bread roll, 2 rashers, 2 black pudding, 2 sausages, 1 egg, dollop of ketchup) (452g) 1,200kcals Portable porridge pot (40g), 1 medium banana (100g - without skin), 1 pot of low-fat fruit yogurt (150g) 377kcals 823kcals
2 fried eggs (100g) 180kcals 2 boiled eggs (100g) 147kcals 33kcals
4 mini sausage rolls (128g) 484kcals Plain scone and butter (62g) 276kcals 208kcals
Whole milk (100g) 65kcals Semi-skimmed milk (100g) 47kcals 18kcals
Croissant (60g) 226kcals Bagel (70g) 186kcals 40kcals
Bagel (70g) 186kcals 2 Slices Wholemeal toast (62g) 156kcals 30kcals
Butter (10g) 74kcals Low fat spread (LowLow) (10g) 35kcals 39kcals


swap mayo for low fat mayo

swap tuna in oil for tuna in water

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Hot chicken roll (breaded chicken, cheese and coleslaw) 1,074kcals Chicken salad sandwich (chicken, lettuce, mayo and tomato) (128g) 354kcals 720kcals
Ham and cheese baguette (128g) 980kcals Ham and cheese sandwich (178g) 436kcals 544kcals
Cheddar cheese (45g) 186kcals Low Fat cheddar cheese (45g) 128kcals 58kcals
Mayonnaise (15g) 104kcals Tomato relish (15g) 17kcals 87kcals


swap 15%25 fat mince for 5%25 fat mince

swap butter for low far spread

swap battered fish for baked fish

swap chips fried in sunflower oil for oven baked chips

More swaps...

Breaded chicken fillet (grilled) (100g) 450kcals Uncoated chicken fillet (grilled) (100g) 150kcals 300kcals
Deep Pan Pepperoni pizza 12” 1792kcals Thin pan pepperoni pizza 12” 1,472kcals 320kcals
Deep Pan Pepperoni pizza 12” 1792kcals ½ Thin pan pepperoni pizza and side salad 6” 884kcals 908kcals
Deep Pan Pepperoni pizza 12” 1792kcals Thin pan cheese and tomato pizza 12” 1,272kcals 520kcals
Cheese burger (130g) 412kcals Regular plain burger (109g) 340kcals 72kcals
Quarter pounder with cheese (227g) 719kcals Regular plain burger (109g) 340kcals 379kcals
Quarter pounder with cheese (227g) 719kcals Cheese burger (130g) 412kcals 307kcals
Fried Rice (359g) 727kcals Boiled Rice (323g) 567kcals 160kcals
Roast potatoes (85g) 124kcals Boiled potatoes (85g) 59kcals 65kcals
Potato Waffles (2 – 90g) 176kcals Sweet potato (62g) 54kcals 122kcals
Sour cream (36g) 74kcals Plain yoghurt (36g) 20kcals 54kcals


swap ice cream for frozen yoghurt

More swaps...

2 chocolate Digestive biscuits (36g) 177kcals 2 plain digestives biscuits (30g) 138kcals 39kcals
2 chocolate Digestive biscuits (36g) 177kcals 2 rice cakes (14g) 51kcals 126kcals
Bag of crisps (37g) 193kcals Bag of popcorn (30g) 133kcals 60kcals
Curry Chips (315g) 524kcals Plain Chips (165g) 387kcals 137kcals

Calorie savings are based on estimates only.