"How to" videos

Cooking skills and techniques

Want to learn how to chop an onion, how to chop a chilli or how to roast a chicken perfectly? Know the secret to peeling and cutting an avocado? We’ll show you how. Brush up on your cooking skills with our video guide to the techniques that are used in the kitchen. It’s easier than you think. Why not try one new cooking technique each week and soon you’ll be cooking like a pro!

Take a look at our cooking skills videos below.

1. How to boil and poach an egg

2. How to chop an onion

3. How to wash and cut leeks

4. How to chop garlic

5. How to cook rice

6. How to cook pasta

7. How to chop herbs

8. How to make a baked potato

9. How to make scrambled eggs

10. How to peel and chop vegetables

11. How to roast vegetables

12. How to cook roast chicken and vegetables

13. How to separate eggs

14. How to rub butter into flour

15. How to peel and cut an avocado

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