When you can't "eat your greens"

"Eat your greens" is a childhood mantra, and we have all heard the advice that we should be “eating the rainbow”. But many of us (children and adults alike!) don’t like fruit or vegetables.

safefood dietitian, Joana da Silva, has some strategies for getting fruit and veg into your diet.

22/01/2020   by Joana Caldeira Fernandes da Silva  

Fruit and vegetables you say? Eat more, we say

Do you know what’s great about fruit and vegetables? It’s one of the few food groups of which we can eat lots of. Happy days.

11/10/2013   by Aileen McGloin  


Fruit, Vegetables

New dietary guidelines in the Republic of Ireland

Last month the Dept. Health issued new dietary guidelines for the Republic of Ireland for adults and children over 5 years old. While the pyramid format remains the same, these new guidelines put a greater emphasis on portion sizes and reducing ‘treat foods’. Dr. Aileen McGloin has the low down.

06/07/2012   by Aileen McGloin