Men’s Health Week 2020: Restoring the Balance

This week is Men’s Health Week, a week to raise awareness of health issues that affect men.

16/06/2020   by Niall Grieve  

What happens when you take a trolley to a park run?

On Saturday, 23 February, safefood supported over 5,000 people who ran the Operation Transformation 5K park run.

27/02/2019   by Aoife O'Reilly  

Eilish's Operation Transformation - 3 months on

Eilish tore tendons on both of her ankles during Operation Transformation, which affected her ability to exercise. The good news? It hasn’t held her back since. Read her story since the show ended…

19/05/2015   by Eilish Kavanagh  

How to stay motivated after Operation Transformation

When it’s all over, it can feel like there’s a big gap in its place and after 8 weeks of hard work, it’s understandable that motivation can fade. That’s why we thought it might be a good time to offer tips on staying motivated.

12/03/2015   by Aileen McGloin  

Top tips to avoid weight gain on holiday

One study has shown that the average weight gain on holiday is about 5lb. But weight gain isn’t an inevitable result of your holiday. So how can you avoid it?

10/07/2014   by Marian O’Reilly