Shortcut to exam success

With exam time upon us, students all over the island are going to extreme lengths in order to achieve top results.

01/06/2017   by Carrie Crowley  


Diet, Exams, School, Sugar

Our two week journey on treats and no treats

I am Ash Bingham and I have two boys Toby (8) and Cooper (5). Join me on a two week journey. The first week with treats, the second week without.

31/05/2016   by Ash Bingham  


Family, Sugar, Treats

Juice drinks: your questions answered

Nowadays bright, sugary drinks are the ‘norm’. You’ll find a bottle of pop in most houses and diluted squash is the regular drink given to many kids.

06/12/2013   by Marian O‚ÄôReilly  

Reducing treats and sugary drinks for kids #asksafefood

A few weeks ago we held a live Q + A chat on Facebook on reducing treats and sugary drinks for children. Those who took part asked some great questions. We would like to thank them and to share some of the key questions. Here they are...

29/11/2013   by Aileen McGloin  

A small and sweet message for Easter

Everyone looking forward to Easter? How many Easter eggs have you got lined up so far?  I’m guessing there’s not a single person reading this that won’t have a bit of chocolate this weekend. The question is: how much? In the interests of science,...

21/04/2011   by Colman Kelly