Treat wise

As a 16 year old I find that it’s not my parents who give me treat foods anymore, I buy them for myself. However, we are only responsible for ourselves and this can empower us to make the healthier choice and reduce our fat, sugar and salt intake.

02/05/2018   by Keavy Duggan  

We all scream for ice cream

While I was doing my work placement at safefood I looked at the most popular brands of ice creams to check out the energy (in kilocalories) and sugar (in teaspoons) in each ice cream. So, deep breath, take a look at the table below and find out the facts on your favourite.

31/07/2017   by Alice Tarrant  

Healthy eating on a student budget

My housemates preferred takeaways and ready-made meals over cooking homemade meals and they used to wonder how so much of their money kept “disappearing”.

13/10/2016   by Niamh Dowling  


Recipes, Students

Eating for exams

We are all aware that good nutrition is important at exam time, when your brain and body are under stress. But for most, eating well is the last thing on a student’s mind...

28/05/2014   by Roisin Aherne  

Men in the kitchen!

It was recently Men’s Health Week and so it got me thinking of the men in my life.

28/06/2013   by Emily Kelleher