Radio DJ Stephen Clements takes on the Play Pact challenge

“I’m a Dad, and sometime it’s so easy to just sit in front of your phone, get the kids to sit in front of the TV.” Putting down his phone and turning off the TV, he made a pact with his kids Poppy (7) and Robbie (3) to be more active – indoors and outdoors.

30/09/2018   by Stephen Clements  

Confessions of a (minor) phone addict

In an ever changing world, children’s phone and screen usage can be a worry. As a parent, I’m not alone in saying that I worry about how this impacts on my child’s sleep, the amount of physical activity she gets, her mental health and her relationship with me.

05/09/2018   by Aileen McGloin  

Top 10 tips for a better bedtime routine for your kids

You know sleep is important, but maybe it’s even more than you thought. Children who don’t get enough sleep are also at higher risk of becoming overweight later in life. So if you are struggling with your child’s sleep it’s time to make a plan.

30/04/2015   by Aileen McGloin  

A good night’s sleep

The link between lack of sleep and weight was a surprise for many of the parents we spoke with during development of our new "Sleep" campaign. 

19/04/2015   by Ray Dolan  

We're dreaming of a sleep-filled Christmas

The thing is, the days barely get light, the temperatures are staying low and the duvet is just so darned cosy. And, while sleep is attractive in its own right, the most amazing thing is that it actually has huge health benefits.

19/12/2013   by Aileen McGloin