Lunchboxes - Are you back into the routine?

One other feature of the return to school is the rooting around for a trusty old lunchbox, or the promise of a shiny new coloured box that will be less likely to spill or easier to open.

30/09/2019   by Charmaine McGowan  

Six steps for lunchbox success

Busy and oft frazzled mum of two, Lillian Murphy says her little ones have as little as five minutes to eat their thoughtfully prepared lunch so she has come some handy tricks to ensure lunches are eaten.

16/08/2018   by Lillian Murphy  

Shortcut to exam success

With exam time upon us, students all over the island are going to extreme lengths in order to achieve top results.

01/06/2017   by Carrie Crowley  


Diet, Exams, School, Sugar

A journey in life. And lunchboxes.

So how did back to school go yesterday? Tears? Tantrums? Excitement and joy?

But that’s enough about the parents, how did your child get on?!

30/08/2013   by Dermot Moriarty  

My first day at school

Do you remember your first day at school? I won’t tell you what year it was, but there was a lot of polyester around and most lunches involved salami sandwiches and Blue Riband bars.

14/08/2012   by Aileen McGloin