Old school Hallowe'en

You get an idea, or stumble on to something new or remember an old game and they are all having such a laugh together and you think “This is the best. This is what it's all about”.

31/10/2018   by Colman Kelly  


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Trick or treating with a nut allergy

To take the scare factor out of Halloween, we asked our colleague, Gillian, what tricks and treats she has for her son who has a severe nut allergy.

26/10/2018   by Gillian Fox  

Nuts to Hallowe’en treats

Aileen gets all poetic on us this week and wonders if kids need so many treats at Hallowe’en…

20/10/2016   by Aileen McGloin  

Trick or Treat…with a food allergy or intolerance?

Kids really enjoy the fun aspect of Halloween and over the past few years trick or treating has crept into our culture. But how safe is this for your child if they have a serious food allergy or intolerance?

25/10/2013   by Maureen Paul  

The Horrors of Trick or Treats!

Last year neither child came home with one piece of fruit or one peanut. Instead they were laden down with chocolates, chewy bars, crisps, candied popcorn and a variety of other high sugar, high fat content 'GOODIES'?

26/10/2012   by Richard Murphy