Why media literacy is a food skill

As part of the #BeMediaSmart campaign, I talked to safefood’s Dr Aileen McGloin about why the healthy eating and food safety body developed MediaWise.

29/03/2019   by Aoife O'Reilly  

Study snacks

The wrong food choices often have negative impacts on your concentration and abilities leaving you feeling sluggish, jittery and burnt out.

02/05/2018   by Lilian Chan  

Why MediaWise?

Being able to use media is very different from having an active and critical relationship with it and children still believe what they see and hear.

28/09/2017   by Fiona Gilligan  

safefood for life – skills to take with you from school and use every day

We caught up with Mella Brophy, a Home Economics Teacher, to tell us about her experience with the safefood for life resource so far.

20/04/2016   by Mella Brophy