Fun with E-numbers

Deirdre Cosgrove fact checks the notion that E-numbers - especially food colours - are bad for you.

17/04/2019   by Deirdre Cosgrove  

Sugar in Easter Eggs

We don’t want to take the fun out of Easter, but given how many Easter eggs children typically get, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how much sugar even the smallest of eggs could be packing in their tempting festive shells.

11/03/2016   by Aileen McGloin  


Chocolate, Easter

Eggciting treats ideas for kids this Easter

I have wonderful memories of hunting for chocolate eggs and gobbling them up. Now as a parent, I have been trying to think up ways to avoid my children eating so much chocolate, yet still having those magical moments.


25/03/2015   by Laura Willard  

Balancing out the EGGcess calories

Avoiding chocolate and all the Easter goodies is going to be challenging over the next week. So how do we avoid putting on extra weight?

28/03/2013   by Marian O‚ÄôReilly  

A small and sweet message for Easter

Everyone looking forward to Easter? How many Easter eggs have you got lined up so far?  I’m guessing there’s not a single person reading this that won’t have a bit of chocolate this weekend. The question is: how much? In the interests of science,...

21/04/2011   by Colman Kelly