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a homemade takeaway dish

The blog is back! 

Big thanks to Aileen for a great post about Easter eggs and chocolate. Yum.

Time seems to have passed so quickly around here - you could almost say it's been faster than the speed of light. Lightspeed even. Like in space travel and sci fi. Tales of the future.

I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of a food future earlier this month at the finals of Take Away My Way, an all island schools cookery competition. And what a future - as bright as a supernova. The finals were held at St. Angela's College, which is like the Sun of a home economics universe; it's the energy source driving all things Home Ec in schools.

And for Luke, Maria, Rachel, Ciara, Barry, James, Claire, Eva, Dinin, Daniel, Ciara, Cliona, Cara, Carolanne, Aoife, Chelsea, Clodagh, Stacey, Donna, Airin, Sarah, Robyn, Stacey, Chui, Shannon, Amy, Barbara, Ciara, Aine, Shane, Michael and Stuart, the sun shone brightly on them at the finals.

These 32 were chosen from almost 1,000 entries which is an achievement in itself, and a credit to their parents, teachers and schools. And well done to all those who took part; their recipes were from across the takeaway spectrum and you could almost taste their passion for food and cooking. Thanks also to Amanda, Elaine and Eileen at St. Angela's for their help with the competition and the finals. And speaking of finals, here's just a taster of some of the dishes (promise to post some better pictures soon)

sweet and sour chicken dish

vegetable curry and rice

When I saw the cooking at the finals, I was star struck. Talk about one giant leap. Remember, this next generation are from post primary schools across the island and Youthreach education centres.

Certainly got the right stuff.

All the best. 


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