Nuts to Hallowe’en treats

Aileen gets all poetic on us this week and wonders if kids need so many treats at Hallowe’en…

20/10/2016   by Aileen McGloin  

Our two week journey on treats and no treats

I am Ash Bingham and I have two boys Toby (8) and Cooper (5). Join me on a two week journey. The first week with treats, the second week without.

31/05/2016   by Ash Bingham  


Family, Sugar, Treats

Healthier eating by design

U.S. behavioural science guru, Prof. Brian Wansink, was in Dublin last week to talk about how we could design our world to encourage healthier eating. He had some very ‘do-able’ ideas for how we eat at home. Score yourself out of ten to see what you could change....

18/09/2015   by Aileen McGloin  

Parenting challenge - keeping "treats" as treats

Just like every other parent on the island, I find it challenging to limit my child’s intake of "treat" food. My knowledge of healthy eating doesn’t always help, when treats are simply everywhere a child goes.

27/08/2015   by Aileen McGloin  

Eggciting treats ideas for kids this Easter

I have wonderful memories of hunting for chocolate eggs and gobbling them up. Now as a parent, I have been trying to think up ways to avoid my children eating so much chocolate, yet still having those magical moments.


25/03/2015   by Laura Willard