Radio DJ Stephen Clements takes on the Play Pact challenge

Q Radio presenter and father of two, Stephen Clements took a look at his family’s screen time and decided it was time to Pause for Play. "It may not be easy sometimes but you can see the benefits of pausing screens to be more active in my kid’s faces", says Stephen.

“I’m a dad, and sometime it’s so easy to just sit in front of your phone, get the kids to sit in front of the TV.” Putting down his phone and turning off the TV, he made a pact with his kids Poppy (7) and Robbie (3) to be more active – indoors and outdoors.

He sees the Play Pact as an opportunity for the whole family to be more active and healthier.

“I’m a parent and it’s not always easy,” he says. However by pausing the screens, the family has more time to play together whether it’s hide-and-seek around the house or a trip to the park. He says you can see difference in his kids by looking at their faces when they are out and about compared to when they are crashed out on the sofa watching TV.

“It does take a wee bit of an effort sometimes,” he says. “But it’s one wee win at a time.”

Research has found that too much screen time impacts on children’s physical activity, diet and sleep. Children who spend more time on screens tend to get less sleep, are more likely to have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) and eat more unhealthy drinks and snacks.

The START campaign, which focuses on taking a realistic and practical approach to encourage a healthy weight for children and young people, is encouraging families to make a ‘‘play pact’’ by committing as a family to pause for play and spend less time on their screens. This doesn’t have to be organised physical activity or sport and all movement counts.

Posted: 30/09/2018 11:11:53 by Stephen Clements
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Hi My names Stephen and I’m a presenter with Q Radio. I’m a Dad of two, Poppy (7) and Robbie (3) and live in Belfast. safefood asked me to take a look at my family’s screen time and I made a pact with my kids that we would put down the phones and screens to Pause for Play.