Half-time snacks

If you’re a rugby fan, unless you’re lucky enough to be in Japan right now, chances are you’re spending a lot of time in front of the TV and with the 8 hour time difference, this means a lot of the matches are in the morning, leaving you not a lot of time for a shop run.

What’s your pre-match routine? Does it involve crisps and chocolate? Bumper sharing packs of tortilla chips? Dips in jars?

With loads of matches still left to go, junk food will do nothing for your resilience – or dreams of playing for Ireland. If you’re craving some proper food, here are some nutritious ideas to keep up your strength.

For those early morning matches

  • Try our Spanish Omelette that is quick and easy to make when you’re getting ready to watch the match.
  • Our Porridge Pot recipe will be sure to give you the energy needed to get you through the whole game.
  • Maybe a few Pancakes with some fruit and yoghurt added on top.

Match snacks

  • Fruit is a great instant snack so keep a bowl stocked up in the house or have some frozen in the freezer so you’re ready for any match.
  • Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and healthy unsaturated fats. Don’t eat too much though as they are also high in calories. Also try and avoid any with added salt or oil.
  • Cheese and crackers - give your calcium intake a quick boost with a couple of wholegrain crackers with some strong cheese.

Dips and chips essentials

Chips and dips are a staple of many half-time snack routines.

  • How about making your own chips by toasting some tortilla wraps so that there are crispy and perfect for dipping.
  • For a healthier alternative, carrots and celery sticks also a great alternative for dipping.

Check out our Salsa, Hummus and Guacamole recipes which are sure to be a great crowd pleaser.

Stay hydrated!

  • Avoid fizzy and energy drinks because they may give you a boost of energy for a short period but you may hit a wall before the match is even over!
  • Water and milk are great ways to stay hydrated without all the added sugar.

Still hungry for more

  • When planning your TV viewing, the last thing on your mind is five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. So have some vegetables in the house for a quick and tasty stir fry before you get settled in for the evening.
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