Putting the Doh! into Doughnuts

As a well-seasoned nutritionist I’ve witnessed so many food fads over the years that little surprises me. Kale has come and gone, the cupcake trend is behind us, while avocados are still in vogue. But I have to say, the doughnut thing has me baffled.

We hit peak doughnut last week as hundreds of people actually queued, in the rain, or in their cars at the 24-hour drive-through, in Blanchardstown to wait their turn to buy these over-rated fancies at the newly opened Krispie Kreme.


I mean, it’s deep fried dough, at its most basic, with a bit of sugar on top and a hole in the middle. Your classic doughnut clocks up around 200 calories and about three of your six daily teaspoons recommended by WHO for a healthy diet.

It’s thought that doughnuts original came from the Netherlands and migrated to America with the Dutch pilgrims. There, they lost a few letters (donut), acquired a hole in the middle, and a whole lot more calories.

The most indulgent end of the scale, you can find peanut butter and chocolate, red velvet (also having a moment!) and various versions of salted caramel (of course!).

In Krispie Kreme, one White Chocolate Dreamcake will set you back 405 calories and six teaspoons of sugar. You’d have to run for around 40 minutes at 5 miles (8 kilometres) an hour to work that off.

Right, I’m off to make some crispy Kale. I never quite moved on from that fad . . .

Posted: 15/10/2018 12:57:53 by Aileen McGloin
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