Old school Hallowe'en

Isn't it a good feeling spending time with your kids? Sometimes it is easier to do it “one on one”(as the psychologists say), playing football with the boy, pushing the girls on the swings and all that. (and Oi! No looking at your phone when you're pushing the swing!)

When the kids are off school, and you are all at home together for a few days, things can get out of hand. In a good way. You get an idea, or stumble on to something new or remember an old game and they are all having such a laugh together and you think “This is the best. This is what it's all about”.*

Especially at Hallowe'en. The kids are allowed to get messy. They are allowed to cut up old clothes. They are allowed to stay up late. They are allowed to go out in the dark. They can go wild. Go rogue.

Here is what we have been doing to let them off the leash…

It’s all about the levels here. Too much water and they’ll be half drowning. Too little and it’s not a challenge.

Blind man's buff takes about 5 seconds to set up. Turn the lights off and you have... Murder in the dark!

No junk food. No cartoons. Just fun.

*They could be thinking this too. And that is what childhood memories are made of I guess

Posted: 31/10/2018 09:40:01 by Colman Kelly
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