How long do you spend on your phone?

Q Radio DJ and TV presenter Stephen Clements chatted to parents Emma, Karen, Andy and Kelly about screens in their homes. The parents have kids of different ages, Andy has grandkids, but many of their experiences were the same, and their own behaviour was the most unregulated!

Each household had a variety of screens from mobile phones to PCs and game consoles. Some described TVs as “Screens”, some thought of the telly as distinct from that grouping. However all had rules around there usage.

Kelly says screens have to be turned off an hour before bed, while Karen says “When he is told to turn it off, he will turn it off.

Given the weather across the island of Ireland, playing outdoors is not always an option. The group suggested den’s made of a sheet thrown over a table or others encourage their children to have friends over so there’s always someone to play with.

But it was their own behaviour that they were most critical off particularly scrolling through social media on their phones!

My phone is practically glued to my hand,” says Karen.

However Emma says talking to other parent about the issue “Makes you sit down and actually think, well actually, you know I am spending way too much time on screen”. 

“Does this sound familiar to you? Do you think your family needs to lay of the tech for a while? Have a look at our START hub to make a start.


Posted: 08/10/2018 16:31:44 by Stephen Clements
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