Rub a dub dub

Words and phrase like "Resources, focus groups and user testing" are part of everyday work life for me. "Assets" land on my desk. Maybe I shoudn't bring my work home, but sometimes I do. Here's how they were received...

First up, when I see Merryn on the way to the bathroom I stop her to teach her our new handwashing song. Sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat.

"Silly Daddy (Pig?), we already do that in school. Look..."

Great. She didn't have the new lyrics, but she did the song and steps so well I didn't want to ruin her flow. 

Next, after bath time, I gave them our "Print materials" - colouring in sheets basically. It being near Hallowe'en time Rufus the messy monster was welcomed with open arms.

boy and girl colouring at the table

"Good customer engagement". Now, time for their questionnaire...


Posted: 08/11/2018 10:02:38 by Colman Kelly
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